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A race horse.

The Thoroughbred is a hot-blooded horse best known for racing. The breed is credited as the fastest breed in the world. Although the thoroughbred is descended from the Arab horse, it has long been regarded as a classic breed in it's own right. Racehorses all over the world are from English thoroughbred stock.


The thoroughbred was developed in England in the 17th and 18th centuries from exported Arabian stallions and native mares.


With exceptional speed and agility the thoroughbred can excel in a range of disciplines and make great show-jumpers, eventers and hunters.

The thoroughbred is known to be physically fragile; with bad hooves, prone to lameness and requiring a lot more food then a similar horse of another breed. They are often crossed with native breeds produce agile, but more hardy mounts.


The Thoroughbred in found in all solid colors. They are usually 15.3- 17 hands tall.


  • Secretariat was a famous race horse. He broke track records, and won the Triple Crown. The Belmont was his, he won by 31 lengths.
  • The Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont.
  • Thorughbred foals are taller than a full grown Shetland pony.
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