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The Paint horse is most recognizable by its color. This horse has patches of white on a black, brown, or red coat (or vice versa). Its mane and tail can be either a mixture of colors or one solid color. They can stand from 14 to 17 hands high and are prized for their even temperaments.


This breed descended from horses brought to the American West by the Spanish. Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines run in the Paint breed. They were valued by Indian Tribes.


There are three types of paint horses: Tobiano, Overo and Tovero. Tobianos mostly have white legs, dark-colored flanks, a two-colored tail, and round spots on their neck and chest. They usually have a solid-colored head, or one with a blaze or star. Overos have dark legs, scattered markings, and bolt white head markings, like a bald face. This colour pattern may also be accompanied by blue eyes. Toveros have a combination of coloured markings displayed by both the Tobiano and the Overo and may possess the blue eyes or a combination of one brown and one blue eye.


Paints are famous cow ponies. They are still used on ranches, at rodeos, and in Western events such as penning, cutting, and roping. Also, they are used for pleasure and trail riding, showing, and even racing.

Paint vs. Pinto

A Paint is different from a pinto. The Paint is an actual breed, while pinto is just a coloring. Any horse is a pinto if it has two colors. A Paint can be solid colored, and does not have to have two colors.


  • A medicine hat Paint is a paint with a white head, and another colored ears. They are very rare.
  • There is a horse with a blaze in the shape of a man praying.
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