Many young girls dreams are to own a horse, but owning a horse is a HUGE finacial commitment and also takes a lot of time. Here are the 4 main ways of making your dream come true:

Buying: Taking care of a horse can cost thousands of dollars a year! Just a few of these things consist of-halters, food, lead ropes, saddles, saddle blankets, grooming tools and vet bills. Also board each month if you decide to keep your horse somewhere else, which can range from $0-$500, but is usually $150-300 somewhere.

Full Lease: A full lease means (in most cases) you can ride the horse whenever you please and can sometimes move it onto your land (off-farm lease) or another barn, but have to pay most of the horses expenses. (Also, if a family comes into finacial trouble, instead of selling the horse, they can lease it out.)

Half Lease: A half lease means you get to ride the horse usually 2-5 days(depending on the lease agreement) a week. But don't have to take care of it as much.And usually you don't have the choice to move the horse.

Free Lease: A free lease is when you ride the horse for free basically.Depending on the agreement, usually you don't have to pay for anything. Sometimes the owner is unable to ride or the horse just needs more time and excerise.

If your not ready to take care of a horse yourself, you can also take riding lessons. Which are usually $20-$40 dollars depending on your level, location and time of the lesson.

There are many costs. There are one off costs, which might apply again. These are the following:

Every so often, you'll have to pay for food, which varies in cost. It is a good idea to keep around $300 stored, just in case your horse has an accident. Trimming and shoeing hooves is another thing. Not all horses, like Shetland Ponies, have to have shoes. It depends on the work the animal does. Hooves need to be trimmed every so often, and this again varies on the horse.