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Flaxen Chestnut Overo Painted Pony


Flaxen Chestnut Arabian mare

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red chestnut Arabian mare

The coat color of all horses is one of two possible base pigments; red is one of those pigments (black is the other one). Red colored horses are called chestnut or sorrel. There are several shades of chestnut from a pale gold to a deep, dark red to a dark brown. There is no black in their coat or mane and tail. Mane and tail are the same shade as the coat or lighter.

There are several dilutions, patterns and modifiers that can affect the color of chestnut horses.


  • cream gene on chestnut produces palomino or cremello
  • champagne gene on chestnut produces gold champagne
  • dun gene on chestnut produces red dun


  • Face Markings on chestnut: star, blaze, stripe, snip or bald
  • Leg Markings on chestnut: coronet, sock, stocking, race
  • Pinto on chestnut: overo, sabino, splash, tobiano, tovero
  • Leopard Complex on chestnut: leopard, snowflake, blanket, varnish


  • Roan on chestnut produces strawberry roan or lilac roan
  • Grey on chestnut produces a horse that gradually lightens to dapple grey, fleabitten rose grey or white grey.
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