A Brumby horse.

The Brumby's normal size is 13.2 -15 hands. The colors can range from blacks, bays, roans, chestnuts, paints, buckskin, and palomino.


In 1788, Brumbies first arrived in Australia. When Sergeant James Brumby left for Tasmania in the early 1800's, he left some horses on the beach. The horses were impossible to catch because they were so spirited. Brumbies are only 5% inbred.


Brumbies are very social and live in herds called Mobs. Mobs can have 2 horses, or can go up to 10 or 11. The lead mare is an important female, she brings the Mob to food or water. While the Mob is eating or drinking, the lead mare keeps watch for danger. Brumbies and domestic horses have their foals around the same time each year. When a mare is ready to give birth, she wanders away from the Mob for a few days. She comes back with the new Mob member. In a few years, the colts will show interest in breeding, so the stallion will drive them away to start a new Mob. The new Mobs are called Bachelor Mobs. The colt will keep watch for mares he can steal from other stallions. The fillies will just leave the Mob to find a colt to mate with.


  • The Brumbies got their name from James Brumby
  • Unfortunately, Brumbies are endangered